NEO and Policy Review for All-March 2017

Caregiver Portal

For access to the latest information, shift information and schedules, caregivers can use the Caregiver Portal. The care center is provided because we care for you like you care for the loved ones of others. Caring together we all make a difference.  For new registration, you will need to ask the office to activate your login & provide you with a password.


Clocking-In, Telephony, Mileage

All caregivers are required to clock-in/out through our telephony system, 844-402-4549, or by logging into the caregiver portal either from a computer (Desktop) or a cell phone/tablet (Mobile) at (provided you have given us your email address).


Caregiver Training

Use your email address on file with the office, and the password that was emailed to you.  If you did not get an email to access the training modules, please contact us at 618-667-8400, ext 3, to have your account activated.

Caregiver Basic Training
New caregiver’s must complete this additional training within the first 30 days of hire.

Caregiver Renewal Training
All caregiver’s must complete the renewal training each year.

Memory Loss & Alzheimer’s Specialty
Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care
ALS Training

Initial tests, renewals and additional trainings can be accessed below.  The office must first authorize test access.  If you have not been given access yet, please contact the office at or 618-667-8400 ext 3.

Instructions:  Click on “My Courses” on the top right corner.


New Caregiver Training and Documents 

Access new caregiver training, tests, and paperwork here.


Paystub Access

You can set up an account at to view current and past paystubs, as well as W2s, at any time.

Paystubs are also emailed as a PDF file at each payroll, provided your email is on file with the office.  To open the emailed paystubs, your password is the first four letters of your last name, and the last four numbers of your SS#.


Payroll Calendar 2017

Payday is every other Wednesday.  Access the payroll calendar if you have questions about what dates you will be paid for and when.


Morning Glory Caregiver Handbook

Access to the handbook can be accessed through this link or the new employee link.  This is passcoded.  Please request the passcode by contacting 618-667-8400, ext 3, or email