This year we have been very blessed to have a cooler summer than most. While trying to keep an eye on our loved ones, it is important to make sure we are taking care of ourselves first.

One of the ways we can help ourselves be healthier is by giving our bodies the fuel we need and deserve. Everyone knows how important water is and to stay well hydrated. Just because we all know it, doesn’t mean that we are following those directions. I’m encouraging you here and now to drink your water! Some ways to make drinking water easier:

  • Add sliced fruit to add more flavor
  • Buy a cup that is attractive to you and use it all the time for water
  • Start and end your day with a cup of water
  • Swap out 1 or 2 of your daily other drinks for water

As water is very vital to our health, we cannot sustain from water alone. We also need food to eat. Going through the “golden arches” for lunch or dinner is NOT FOOD! Many fast food chains have ways of cooking your food so that you are putting more carcinogens (cancer causing agents) into your body than nutrients. Don’t we all have busy days and don’t feel like cooking? Do unforeseen circumstances, like your air conditioning going out, cause you to not want to cook? Sure. We will all still go out to eat no matter how much this post touches your heart, but I encourage you to make better options. Choose somewhere that you can find other vegetables than potatoes. Choose lean meats, or choose the 6 oz. steak rather than the 12 oz. Making more mindful decisions about what you are eating will lead you closer to fueling your body the way it was meant to be fueled.

For everyone, especially seniors and those with high blood pressure, step away from the sodium! Soups, prepackaged meals, sauces, canned vegetables and gravies are all loaded with sodium. There are organizations that deliver food to seniors and those not able to get out of the house. If this is the only means of getting food, then please continue to use their service. But, if you have high blood pressure or your doctor has recommended for you to maintain a low-sodium diet, stay away! An easy tip to remember the amount of sodium is acceptable for your body is to take your weight and add a 0 at the end. For example, if you weigh 260 pounds, you should not exceed 2600 mg of sodium per day.

Our bodies are overworked and underpaid. Take a minute to think of all the things that are happening and strains you are putting on your body daily. Now, remember that all of your organs are functioning every second of every day. It is always working! Give back to your body by giving it the things it needs: rest, water, good nutritious meals, and exercise! Remember, it is a give and take relationship. The more energy you give your body, the more energy it will give you back!

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