New Year Resolution

We either love them or despise them, but no matter what our stance on New Year’s resolutions is, there’s something incredibly refreshing about moving into a brand new year, providing us with a clean new slate and the opportunity to make any modifications we would like to improve total well-being or to accomplish a completely new goal or dream.

For family caregivers, resolutions may be particularly meaningful, as they affect not just the caregivers themselves, but their senior loved ones. It is important, nonetheless, to keep resolutions realistic. Resolving, for instance, to get a complete eight hours of sleep nightly, while taking care of a family member who struggles with sundowning issues in Alzheimer’s, may well be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Try instead to take into account one of the following resolutions especially created with family caregivers in mind:

  1. I will reach out for support and help, and take help when offered.
  2. I give myself approval to say “no” to requests in order to prevent dealing with more than I can easily manage.
  3. I will make my personal health (both physical and mental) a top priority, ensuring I arrange and keep medical-related checkups and appointments.
  4. I will remind myself that self-care isn’t selfish, and that by taking proper care of myself, I will take better care of my senior loved one.
  5. I will focus on my energy levels, and take the appropriate steps in order to avoid allowing myself to reach the point of exhaustion, burnout, or depression.

If the simple notion of accomplishing some of these goals feels too lofty to even consider, we’ve got a solution! Partner with Morning Glory Home Care for expert, in-home respite care on a consistent schedule, enabling yourself essential time away from meeting the care needs of your loved one, while knowing she or he will receive countless benefits as well, including enhanced socialization through the companionship of a skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate caregiver.

Starting with a complimentary in-home consultation, we will listen to the precise needs and challenges of your loved one, and develop an individualized plan of care to satisfy those needs, through a variety of services such as:

  • Assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, ambulation and transfers
  • Running errands, for example, buying groceries and picking up prescriptions
  • Accompanied transportation to medical appointments and enjoyable outings
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Meal planning and prep, according to any prescribed dietary plans
  • Engagement in conversations, reminiscing, games, exercise, and other pastimes that are appealing to the senior
  • And many others

Get in touch with the leaders in home health care in Alton and the surrounding communities at Morning Glory Home Care by calling 618-667-8400 today, and take the first step when it comes to achieving a new goal in 2020!

From all of us at Morning Glory Home Care, we wish you happy holidays and all the best in the year to come!