What do you envision when you hear “spring”? Is it flowers, blooming trees, the smell of rain, or the St. Louis Cardinals? I think of renewal and rejuvenation. Everyone around us seems to find more cheer as we welcome the longer days of sunshine and warmer weather. For Morning Glory, Spring also is the kick off of many health fairs, caregiver training, and planning for our upcoming sponsored events. We know that we have not had an active blog in sometime, with the start of the new season we will also be rejuvenating our senior home care blog, bringing a casual conversation on important topics for senior care, recipes, events, and more.

Recently, we had our quarterly training for our caregivers. As always it was wonderful to see everyone in one place getting to know each other better and learning in a fun environment. Our guest speaker was Jane Edgar, Director of Social Work, from Family Hospice. Jane brought kits and taught our caregivers the importance of having an emergency preparedness plan for their home and their clients home. This is an important topic for you to discuss in your family as well, as we are coming up on storms and tornado season in the Midwest. Training also included a fun game of Jeopardy, basic hygiene, and software. Each caregiver took an anonymous survey about their job satisfaction. Be on the lookout for those results in the coming weeks. We received some excellent feedback.

Yesterday happened to be National Doctors Day. A huge thanks goes out to all of the doctors. It is not an easy task to become a doctor and takes a truly caring type of person to go into that profession. There are over 970,000 doctors in the US, both active and inactive, according to statista.com. Even with that many doctors, there is speculation that there will be a shortage of doctors by 2025. We all want the very best healthcare available but it takes great people to make that a success. If you know someone who would make a great doctor or is tossing around the idea, encourage them to go forward with that dream. There will always be a need for doctors.

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