A home care agency is a company that sends employees to clients, typically seniors, to provide a variety of services. The typical client is receiving services at their home. However, they could be temporarily in a facility or permanently living in a facility. There are different situations that may prompt someone to look for extra help and care. Some just use home care services for companionship, while others need a lot of help with all of their daily needs.

Some of the services a home care agency can provide include: light housekeeping, laundry, cleaning, running errands, dressing assistance, bathing, medication reminders, Alzheimer’s care, hospice care, and much more.

In many states, including Illinois, home care agencies are required to be licensed. When looking to hire an agency, make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded. This will protect not only the agency but you and your loved one, too.

Depending on the agency you choose, rates will vary. Every agency is different. To offset these costs, it is wise to have Long Term Care Insurance in place. Aid & Attendance can be available to some veterans or surviving spouses. Medicare or Medicaid can also alleviate the burden of the cost. Churches and other organizations may also offer a sponsorship for those who are in need of help but have trouble with the costs.

If you are wondering if your loved one is beginning to need care here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Do they live alone or stay home by themselves most of the time?
  • Is there a fear of getting in and out of the shower?
  • Is standing for long periods of time becoming difficult?
  • Has memory loss become more prominent?
  • Is there an end of life need that needs to be met?
  • Are there medications that may get skipped intentionally or unintentionally?
  • Are they having trouble driving?
  • Are you getting repetitive phone calls and questions throughout the day?

These are some signs that your family member might benefit from services provided by Morning Glory Home Care, the Shiloh home health care leader. The great news is that help is available, and there are quality caregivers who can be their for your loved one during the times that you can’t. A simple call for a free assessment will often give the information you need to comfortably decide if it is time to bring in another set of hands to meet your loved one’s needs. Don’t wait until you are feeling exhausted and lost for answers. Contact Morning Glory Home Care now to learn more about the Shiloh home health care residents trust!